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Singer, performer shares his talents with
younger generation

Republican Journal, July 19, 2007
by Hillary Dickerson

There's giggling, and singing, and clapping, and grooving -- and it's all happening this particular Tuesday afternoon in the stage area of the children's room of the Johnson Public Library. With guitar in hand, David Landau is busy entertaining a group of youngsters as part of the summer library program. He's got their attention, and it's pretty clear everyone's having a good time.

Landau couldn't be happier. Making kids happy, after all, is his job, and from the smiles on the faces peering out at him, he's right on track.

Originally from Shullsburg, Landau will be keeping Lafayette County children entertained quite a bit in the next few weeks as he makes repeat performances in the area the weekend of July 20-22. Kids, and adults, will be able to catch Landau in action Friday, July 20 at the McCoy Public Library in Shullsburg at 6:15 p.m.; Saturday, July 21 at the Benton Village Park at 4 p.m.; and Sunday, July 22 at the Darlington Festival Grounds at 7 p.m. Mark the calendar as the public is welcome to all the free performances.

Being able to come "home" to entertain -- his parents, Dr. Louis and Ellie Landau, still live in Shullsburg -- is definitely a fun part of his job, Landau noted. He's been on stage in front of hundreds of children in the past five years, ever since he left behind his job as an elementary teacher in Verona to pursue a different track, one still involving children but in not such a structured way.

Landau didn't know, he admits, how taking that leap would turn out in the end, but from his schedule it's been OK. He performs over 200 dates each year, mainly at elementary schools, preschools, libraries and fairs throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa.

"I now get recognized by kids everywhere I go," Landau said. "The grocery store, the bank, the post office, out to eat. Usually (the kids) just stare and stare at me until the mom comes over and asks if I am really David Landau. It is quite cute. One girl even shouted, 'It's the real David Landau!'"

And there's more to his success as well. Landau has produced two CDs of children's music -- "Music for Kids" and "Kids and Kitties" -- and is currently working on a DVD for children that should be ready to go later this year. In addition to winning a Parent Choice Award for his first CD in 2003, Landau more recently received accolades from Madison Magazine, as he was the 2007 silver medal award winner in the "Best of Madison -- Children's Musician" category.

Outside the realm of children's music, for the past 11 years, Landau has been a member of the bluegrass band "Cork 'n Bottle," performing each week in downtown Madison. He's gaining some notoriety on that end as well. A documentary film, "The Cork 'n Bottle String Band -- The Ken's Bar Story," was shown in Madison at the Wisconsin Film Festival to sold-out audiences. The film is now being shown at other film festivals throughout the country. So now, besides being stopped by bright-eyed youngsters, there are adults coming up to Landau to tell him they recognize him from the film.

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