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Available in Madison at The Learning Shop, Happy Bambino,
Willy Street Co-Op (East and West), and the Cork 'n Bottle Liquor Store

 David Landau - "Rocket to the Moon" CD order online now

The Songs

1. Firefighter Song
2. Butterfly Song
3. Mr. Sun
4. Butter Noodles
5. If You're Happy and You Know It
6. Kansas City Star
7. Five Little Ducks
8. A Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track
9. Sleep Song
10. Quiet Song
11. Skip to my Lou
12. Wheels on the Bus
13. Owie Song

Review of "Rocket to the Moon" - Dave Link of the Eastside News

It's a delight when music geared at young children is neither patronizing nor annoying."Rocket to the Moon," the newest offering from David Landau, has well-played songs the Romper Room crowd will grasp, but adults listening won't be counting down the minutes until
the tracks end.

While "Rocket to the Moon" contains its share of children's standards like "Mr. Sun," "If You're Happy and You Know It" and "Skip to my Lou," the bluegrass stylings Landau is known for keep the songs fresh. He plays guitar in the Cork 'n Bottle String Band.

The real gems in "Rocket to the Moon" are Landau's original songs. The lead-off track, "Firefighter Song" quickly sets the pace of punchy bluegrass, and "Butter Noodles" had my 5-year-old son Leo bopping around and laughing to the lyrics.

There're no lullabies here either. After eyeing-up "Sleep Song" and "Quiet Song", I was surprised by the changing dynamics created by guitar and banjo picking. A cover of Roger Miller's "Kansas City Star" half way through the CD is a nice oasis for adults, but still provides enjoyment for kids.

The pace of the album is perfect for youngsters and at about 27 minutes, they won't bet bored after repetitive listening. Leo had a big smile on his face, and I had one too when he started to play "air-fiddle" to the songs.

David Landau - "Kids and Kitties" CD order online now

The Songs

1. Five Little Monkeys
2. Old Ford Truck
3. She'll Be Comin' Round
     the Mountain
4. Five Little Hot Dogs
5. Hokey Pokey
6. Five Little Frogs
7. Three Little Muffins
8. Apples and Bananas
9. Icky Sticky Bubble Gum
10. The Lady With the
     Alligator Purse
11. Why Is My Kitty So Silly
12. Bye Bye Sweetie-Pie

Review of "Kids and Kitties" - Rob Thomas of the Capital Times and Wisconsin State Journal Rhythm Section.

David Landau of the Madison bluegrass outfit Cork 'n Bottle String band doesn't give young listeners time to get fidgety on his second children's album, "Kids and Kitties".  The album features just a dozen songs in under 19 minutes.

What will keep kids coming back to "Kids and Kitties" isn't its brevity, but its buoyancy and charm.  Landau gives sing-along favorites like "Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed", "Five Little Hot Dogs", "Five Little Frogs" (notice a running theme here?) and "The Lady With The Alligator Purse" a bluegrass spin that makes them irresistible. Some songs feature a full band, while others feature just Landau on guitar with an enthusiastic chorus of local kids.  The high-water mark for parents will likely be "She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain", which
features the full Cork 'n Bottle String Band on a rollicking version that, at a leisurely 2:11 running time, allows a little room for the band's pickers to stretch out.  The whole package gets lively original cover art from P.S. Mueller.

David Landau - "Music for Kids" CD order online now

The Songs

1. Monkey & the Engineer
2. Under the Trees
3. I Have a Rooster
4. Green Grass Grows All Around
5. I'll Plant Myself a Forest
6. Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
7. Crawdad Song
8. June Apple
9. Backroads
10. Better Times A'Comin'
11. The Auctioneer
12. Little White Duck

A 2003 Parents' Choice Approved
Award Winner!
Review of "Music for Kids" - Fireball Mail / Jan-Feb 2003 -- I like the songs.  June Apple makes me feel like dancing.  I hear a banjo in Backroads.  I especially like songs like Little White Duck where kids sing along.  It is happy music and I would recommend it to other kids.
Louise Prescott, age 7

David Landau - "Live at the Noodle Factory" DVD

The Songs

1 Introduction
2 Apples and Bananas
3 Butterfly Song
4 Sleep Song
5 Firefighter Song
6 Goin' on a Bear Hunt
7 Pasta Factory Tour
8 Icky Sticky Bubble Gum
9 Wheels on the Bus
10 Quiet Song
11 Lady With The Alligator Purse
12 Old Ford Truck
13 Bye-bye Sweetie Pie
14 Show Time-Lapse
David Landau Live at the Noodle Factory
"David Landau - Live at the Noodle Factory" DVD is now available! Click "play" below to view the Movie Trailer!

Read the Isthmus Review of "Live at the Noodle Factory"

"More Dave please."
-- Henry, Age 3

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